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Justin spent the first part of his life living in Las Vegas where he began his journey of finding the boundaries of anything with two wheels. Whether it’s on a dirt bike, or a ride through the mountains on a mountain bike.

Growing up, he always knew that he wanted to work in a field where he would be able to help people in need and those who cannot help themselves. so it made since that when he turned 21 to become a first responder. He loved what he did, but with the job comes the aftermath. Lying awake with many sleepless nights, replaying in his head what the days had brought and what’s to bring in the future, it was starting to eat at him. Until his friends reintroduced him to mountain biking.

He bought his first mountain bike, a GT aggressor, and after that first trip to gateway park in Fort Worth he was hooked. Mountain biking became not just a hobby, but a means to escape and feel free and found peace.

Some personal depression in combination of a recent medical diagnosis brought down his entire world. He fell into a dark place, with no place to go. He lost interest in everything and was giving up. That same friend went into the supervisors office and told the supervisor that we’re taking days off and riding bikes.

That weekend, they all went out to a state park and spent the weekend biking and hiking. With that trip, it brought him back and ignited a much more intense passion into biking that has led him to become apart of an amazing community and pushes him everyday to be better.


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